Run Space

1. Click on [Settings] and select your preferred hardware, and proceed with the payment.

For additional info about hardware, refer to theSpace Hardware

2. After payment confirmation, observe the status tag of your Space. It will transition from "Waiting for Transaction" to "Deploying," and finally to "Running".

Note: There are six types of Space statuses, as follows:

  • Created: The Space has been successfully created.

  • Waiting For Transaction: Awaiting payment confirmation.

  • Assigning To Provider: Matching the Space with a computing provider.

  • Deploying: The Space is currently being deployed to the provider.

  • Running: The Space has been successfully deployed.

  • Failed: The deployment has encountered an error.

  • Stopped: The deployment has ceased before its scheduled expiration due to unforeseen reasons.

  • Expired: The deployment has concluded upon reaching its expiration date.

With your App going live, you can now interact with it.

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