Lagrange is an all-in-one decentralized computing platform to store and deploy code securely, empowering developers to build web3 apps through a full suite of Web3 tooling.

Web3 developers can’t make the code hosting, deployment, testing, and running demos in one place. What’s more, they can’t take full advantage of decentralized storage and computing resources in the Web3 environment.

With the Lagrange platform, developers can display applications efficiently with the support of decentralized storage and computing. Developers can also get massive traffic and revenue from in-app-purchasing on the Lagrange platform.

Key features of Lagrange include

  1. Lagrange Space: Enables fair and equitable storage, sharing, creation, reward, and dissemination of knowledge and development resources.

  2. Git Style Management: Offers a distributed version control tool, Lagrange-cli, making a local clone of the project as a complete version control space in IPFS.

  3. Decentralized Computing Power: Community members can rent out their computing power to researchers and users.

  4. DApps Deployment: Auto-deploy DApps by Dockerfile and yaml, enabling real-time testing and implementation.

  5. Data NFT minting: Dataset owners can tokenize their uploaded datasets on the Lagrange platform.

  6. Decentralized Code Hosting: Hosting of all space code in distributed IPFS by multichain storage.

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