Mars Testnet

The Intro of the Lagrange Mars Testnet Campaign

Welcome to the Lagrange Mars Testnet Campaign 2023!

We are excited to invite you to be a part of the Lagrange Testnet, interacting with Lagrange firsthand and experiencing the groundbreaking features and functionalities Lagrange has developed for the future of Web3.

🗓️ Campaign Duration: 14th August, 00:00 (EST) - 17th September, 23:59 (EST)

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Task List:

  • Deploy Computing Provider

  • Run Spaces

  • Use Spaces


Lagrange's Mars Testnet is the first attempt to utilize enormous computing and storage resources of Filecoin, Chainlink, BNB Chain, and other blockchains for Web3 developers.

Over the course of four weeks, we will utilize decentralized computing power from different blockchains to create a captivating scene on Planet Mars, including:

  • Landscape

  • Creatures

  • Vehicles, Spaceship

  • Buildings and live scene

  • CG/Short film

Partners from the realms of AI, gaming, and the metaverse are welcome to join us in this ambitious endeavor by contacting us at


  • Harness the power of 100 GPUs to generate 1 million images.

  • Validate large-scale GPU computing on the Lagrange Network.

  • Explore the adaptation of models such as Stable diffusion, Lora, and Dall-E for image generation.

  • Solicit developer feedback on space building and datasets.

  • Multichain Payment and debug on the payment channel.

  • Validate Lagrange Network's new GPU marketplace.

  • Collaborate with partners in AI, gaming, and the metaverse.

  • Engage our community in the AIGC including images and scenes.

  • Attract AI and ML enthusiasts/ experts to the Lagrange Network community.

Tasks and Rewards:

Set up a Computing Provider with the specified requirements and keep it online during the Campaign to split 500,000 LAG tokens based on GPU hours, with the Top 1 Computing Provider winning the Golden CP privilege.

Fork and run a Space from the provided Base Space, and share it on Twitter to have a chance to split the 300,000 LAG token prize pool based on the popularity of the created space.

Create at least 3 images from any Space in Lagrange following weekly themes, upload them to Multichain.Storage, and share them on Twitter to split the 200,000 LAG token prize pool based on the popularity of the images, with top creators receiving higher rewards.

Note: All LAG awards will be delivered in the form of NFTs, and NFT holders can claim their LAG after the TGE (Token Generated Event).


Throughout the campaign period, we have an exciting series of workshops lined up, where we'll delve into the use cases of Computing Provider setup, Space building, and Space using on the Lagrange platform.

Join us on our Discord channel and keep an eye out for more updates and detailed information about these workshops.

Key Dates to Remember

  • Early Birds registration closes: August 8th

  • Early Birds get their documentation: August 10th

  • Zealy Quest onboarding: August 8th - August 16th

  • Mars Testnet Campaign: August 14th - September 17th

  • Workshop series: August 14th - September 10th

  • Participants selected and announced: September 20th

Get ready to level up your skills and be part of the Lagrange Mars Testnet journey!

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