Before You Get Started

Before you embark on your Lagrange Mars Testnet journey, make sure to follow these steps to participate seamlessly:

Set Up Metamask

Setup your MetaMask wallet for the Polygon testnet: Ensure your MetaMask wallet is configured to work with the Polygon testnet. You can find guides on how to do this online.

Network Name: Mumbai Testnet
Chain ID: 80001
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Connect to the Lagrange

Visit and connect your MetaMask

Fund Your Wallet with test MATIC Tokens

Visit the Polygon Testnet Faucet. Paste your address to the faucet website and get some test MATIC tokens sent to your wallet for exploring functions on Lagrange.

Please note that the function is on the Polygon Testnet environment and speed times may differ compared to mainnet usage.

Claim test LAG Tokens from Discord Faucet

To get some test LAG tokens of Lagrange testnet for testing purposes, you can join the discord and go to the testnet-faucet channel under the Mars - Testnet section. There you can claim your test LAG token for free.

  1. Type the command $faucet {your-wallet-address}.

  2. Switch to the Mumbai Testnet, import tokens into your wallet, and check your balance.

Token contract address:


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