This page is providing a way create a space for your code.

What is Lagrange Space?

Spaces is a powerful yet user-friendly platform that enables users to build web applications with seamless access to the Lagrange ecosystem. It brings machine learning models to life through interactive applications, such as model exploration, visualization tools, and more.

How Does Space Work?

Lagrange Spaces provides an infrastructure based on Streamlit, Gradio, and FastAPI, three popular frameworks for building web applications in Python. Users can write their code, and deploy their applications on the platform.

Lagrange Spaces comes with a range of essential features, such as live reloading, and a custom domain option.

Getting Started with Lagrange Spaces

1.Claim test tokens :

Before you get started, fllowing this guide to set up your MetaMask wallet, fund your wallet with SwanETH and test SWAN tokens.

2.Create a New Space:

Begin your Lagrange journey by creating a new Space.

3.Build Your Space:

Developing your code within your Space through the web interface

4.Fork a Space:

Discover how to duplicate and modify existing Lagrange Spaces.

5.Make Your Space Running:

Understand the steps to make your Lagrange Space operational.

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