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This is a guide to Image Creator

🗓️ Event Period: 14th August, 00:00 (EST) - 17th September, 23:59 (EST)


How to Participate:

1.Choose a Stable Diffusion Space here and attempt to create some images following a theme provided by Lagrange: Mars Landscape, Mars Creatures, Mars Vehicles, Mars Buildings and live scenes.

2.Upload your 3 best images to Multichain.Storage and share these images on Twitter.

3. Submit the form here with the required details, including

  • Link to your image on Multichain.Storage

  • Link to the tweet you shared

How to Be Eligible:

  • Eligible Image Creator shall create at least 3 images from any Stable Diffusion Spcae in Lagrange.

  • The form must be submitted upon task completion


  • All eligible image creators have a chance to split the prize pool of 200,000 LAG tokens based on the popularity of their images. The more likes your images receive, the greater your reward!

  • Prizes:

    • Top 1: 10,000 LAG

    • Top 2-5: 5,000 LAG each

    • Top 6-10: 2,000 LAG each

    • All other participants (rank 11 and beyond) will share the remaining 160,000 LAG pool.

Note: The ranking will be based on the number of likes received on Creators' tweets showcasing their images.


Table of Content


In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of completing Task 3: Image Creator Task. Your objective is to generate captivating images from the Stable Diffusion Space using the LoRA Model.

What is Stable Diffusion: Stable Diffusion is a state-of-the-art text-to-image model that generates an image from text.

What is Space: Space is a simple way to host ML demo apps on Lagrange.

What is LoRA: LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation) is a training technique for fine-tuning Stable Diffusion models. and LoRA models are specific versions of the Stable Diffusion model that have undergone fine-tuning.

How to Use LoRA Model to Generate Images in Space

1. Visit [] and explore Spaces related to "Stable Diffusion" or you can directly access the Stable Diffusion Base Space provided by the Official.

2. Click on the [App] button to launch the Stable Diffusion Web UI:

3. Click on [LoRA] and then several LoRA models will be displayed. Select the one you want to use.

4. Each LoRA model has a "Trigger Word", Ensure your prompts include the specific LoRA's trigger word(usually added automatically).

For example, if you choose "KsmRm," its trigger word, <lora:KsmRm:1>, will be added to the text automatically.

5. Add the text or description for the image you want to create after the LoRA's trigger words.

Congratulations! An image has been generated from the Stable Diffusion Space using a LoRA model.

*Note: Feel free to explore not only the Stable Diffusion Base Space but also other Stable Diffusion Spaces that have been enriched by Space Builders. These additional Spaces might offer a wider variety of LoRA models, potentially leading to the generation of even more captivating and attractive images.

How to Upload Images to Multichain.Storage

1. Upload your three best images to Multichain. Storage (MCS) using your connected wallet.

2. Click on [Bucket Storage] - [Add Bucket] and then [Upload] to add your images to MCS.

3. Obtain the IPFS links of your three images by clicking on the corresponding icon.

*Note: The IPFS link will be required for the Form submission.

How to Share Images on Twitter

1. Click on the share icon and select “Share on Twitter"

2. Include your three best images in the tweet and remember to tag @lagrangedao and @0xfilswan.

*Note: The IPFS link will be required for the Form submission.

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